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Micro's tallest scooter, the Suspension also has a longer foot deck to accommodate larger adults
The patented suspension, with high-tensile springs front and back, offers an exceptionally smooth ride
Robust construction, yet lightweight enough to fold and carry, great for urban commutes

Larger adults, this one’s for you! The suspension is Micro’s tallest and most robust 2-wheeled scooter, with a patented dual-suspension system. The front and rear suspension work together to isolate the rider from shocks and vibrations, helping you to float over the sidewalks. Take on the cracks and bumps on the pavement of the urban jungle with ease!

  • While suitable for heavier riders, the Micro Suspension is still light enough to be carried with ease, weighing just over 13 lbs. To unfold, simply loosen the clamp on the folding mechanism, then push in and hold the 2 buttons on either side of the front wheel. Unfold your scooter and ride. Use the patented two-way kickstand to keep your scooter upright while parked. Feel free to leave late and arrive early, as scooting cuts walking time in half!
  • As with all of our Micro’s products, every part of the Micro Flex Series is replaceable, meaning your scooter will last virtually forever.
  • SAFETY - We recommend that riders wear a helmet.


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