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Natibaby Woven Wrap MMB Exclusive | Rainbow Ripple

Natibaby Woven Wrap MMB Exclusive | Rainbow Ripple
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This lovely ripple pattern has been woven with a rainbow gradient. Some of the wraps were woven with a purple/pink/orange and other with an indigo to red gradient. Both patterns were then woven with either a white or black weft. The result is gorgeous!
This wrap is an MMB exclusive.
Released 11/25/2015.
White Weft are 100% cotton
Black Weft are 30% linen / 70% cotton
There are a few listed seconds in the drop down. For second quality, these can contain one or more defects for example broken threads, a small hole, over 1 cm loops or a loose thread, color defect etc. These have come from Natibaby as seconds and we do not check them here again. So it will be a surprise which defect each wrap has. The second quality wraps are still durable and they can be used normally.

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