Noxx | Solid Sweater Knit Headband | Infant Black

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We personally touch every fabric before we buy it to make sure that our products will be not only stylish, but ultra comfortable. Because we use a wide variety of knit fabrics, each beanie may fit and feel slightly different. We are a family-run small business and our products are proudly handcrafted here in Arizona!

This fabric is very stretchy, so this does not fit tightly therefor it's considered more of a fashion item than to hold your hair up, etc. 

Headband is adjustable (you can make it tighter by pulling the sides of the knot). These are great because since they are adjustable and stretch so much, they fit a much broader age range than your average headband

  • Ultra soft and stretchy sweater knit fabric
  • Adjustable (pull sides of knot to tighten)
  • Exact fabric type varies by color, all are soft and stretchy

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