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When it comes to functionality, the Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat has it all. It's become one of our most recommended Convertible Car Seats thanks to one of the easiest installations, extended rear-facing usage, and the extra leg room that tall kiddos love. This is a baby gear essential that will really and truly make your life easier.




In 2019, all Nuna car seats are free of flame retardant chemicals, including the Rava! You'll also enjoy the updated and on-trend styles that come with these upgraded fabrics.

  • New 2019 styles feature ZERO flame retardant chemicals
  • Simply Secure installation makes the Nuna Rava quick and easy to install with seat belt
  • Laid back legroom provides extra comfort for extended rear facing
  • Easy bubble-free recline adjustment
  • All-steel frame and reinforced belt path
  • No-rethread harness adjusts with headrest

Nuna products are known for their unique solutions to common baby gear quandaries, and the Nuna Rava continues in this tradition. This convertible car seat boasts some fantastic innovations, including:

  • Simply™ Secure installation: whether you’re installing rear-facing or forward-facing, it’s easy to get a tight installation every time. Just open the doors in the seat, then follow the color-coded belt path indicators to thread the seat belt through and buckle it. To complete the installation, just close the True Tension™ door for a tight fit with no tugging!
  • Laid back leg room: Rear-facing is safest, but can get a little cramped for a long-legged tot. So if your kid needs more space, just pop out this extension to give them a little more room. The Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat lets your child rear-face up to 50 pounds, so let’s make it more enjoyable for everyone!

Unlike most other convertible car seats, the Rava is meant to be installed exclusively with the safety belt and not LATCH; this eliminates confusion regarding when to switch from lower LATCH anchors to the safety belt, and ensures that the Rava will fit in more seating positions in different cars.

Other features of the Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat include:

  • Bubble-free recline adjustment with recline angle guides
  • Energy absorbing foam and SIP pods for superb side impact protection
  • An all-steel frame and reinforced belt path
  • A 10-position height-adjustable headrest for the perfect fit
  • A no-rethread, 5-point harness that you can operate with one hand
  • A no-rethread, 2-position crotch strap
  • Ventilation panels and breathable fabric for comfort on toasty days
  • Super nifty flip-out cup holders; and more!

The Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat comes with removable infant head and body inserts to fit babies as small as 5 pounds; rear-facing, it can hold kids up to 50 pounds or up to 49 inches in height. It’s recommended to keep children rear-facing for at least the first two years (and longer if you can!). Forward-facing, the Rava can hold children from 25-65 pounds and up to 49 inches. 

Q: Does the Nuna Rava have an all-steel frame?

A: Yes!

Q: Can you fit three across with the Nuna Rava?

A: Sadly, no, although because it's meant to be installed with the safety belt rather than LATCH, it will easily fit in any of the three positions in the back seat of your car. 

Q: Can the headrest be adjusted to multiple heights?

A: Yes! The Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat's headrest has 10 height positions to provide a perfect fit for your growing child.