Nuna Wheeled Transport Bag ~ Black

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Keep your Nuna stroller protected and clean as you travel with the essential Transport Bag, complete with attached wheel covers for a custom fit. The lightweight design can be worn as a backpack, toted along with any of the four handles or pulled behind you just like a rolling carry-on—it even has a hook-and-loop storage pocket for quick access to snacks and toys. Consider yourself ready for rides on planes, trains and automobiles.

Care & Maintenance

Please wash the bottom pad and the top seat cover with cold water. Do not iron the bag. Do not bleach or dry clean the bag. Use only mild detergent, cold water and a soft cloth to clean the bag. Do not twist the bag to dry with great force. It may leave the bag wrinkled. Hang dry the bag in the shade.

This product can be used with:

  • TAVO™ (ST-31)
  • MIXX™ (ST-40)
  • US IVVI™ (ST-21)
  • IVVI™ (ST-20)
  • IVVI™ (ST-20/ST-21) with IVVI carry cot (CC-01/CC-02)
  • PEPP™ (ST-03/ST-10)
  • PEPP luxx (ST-24)
  • PIPA™ (CS-01/ CF-02 )
  • PIPA icon (CS-10) with base