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OgoSport | Copter Darts

OgoSport | Copter Darts
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OgoSport Copter Darts fun for ages 6 and up!
Perfect for fun indoors and outdoors
Simply toss the target, aim, toss, and spin!
Copter Darts are built for use & abuse. All parts are designed to come apart and go back together easily, without any damage.
Freestyle 2-4 Players Set up multiple random targets and you play a whole course! Squadra 4 Players Throw your target ball up to 60ft away, divide into teams, and alternate turns.  Closest to target gets points.   First team to reach 21 wins Traditional 2 Players Throw Target ball up to 60Ft away.  Alternate turns. Closest to target gets the points.
4 Copter Darts (2 Blue, 2 Yellow) 1 Target Ball