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Open Box | Wheely Bug
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The Wheely Bug screams quality. It is stylish and very well made. The Wheely Bug looks good as it sits proudly in the corner of the room. In fact, it will quickly become one of your child's favorite toys and is destined to become an heirloom.
It is made from high quality components and has won multiple awards. The spongy seat is comfortable and made from pvc-free polyurethane leathroid. It is super easy to keep clean and can just be wiped off with a damp cloth. The base is made from plantation grown poplar plywood and the handle is aluminium. The feelers are produced from stainless steel springs and are practically impossible to pull out. Younger children will enjoy watching them spring back and forth. 

Wheely Bugs have a long life span. When the plastic cars and trikes are cracked, worn and broken, the superior Wheely Bug will still be going strong. It will last and last for all your children and beyond. We have noticed that you may have to tighten up the castors. We did have one of ours come loose, but this is rectified simply with a wrench.

How much can it carry, can I sit on it?

The maximum recommended rider weight is 25kg; however each wheel is rated at 30kg giving a total safe working load of 120kg!! Adults can happily take a spin on them, or they make a very handy low mobile stool!

What are the do’s and don’ts for Wheelybugs?

  1. Children should only use the toy under adult supervision.
  2. For use only by children able to walk unassisted. Should not be used as an aid or support for walking
  3. Ride on toys can tip over on surfaces that are not flat. The toy should be used only on smooth, level, dry surfaces.
  4. Do not allow children to use on or near hills, inclines, steps, bridges or near a swimming pool or other body of water.
  5. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  6. Only one rider at a time. Multiple riders can cause tipping over
  7. Do not allow a child to stand on the seat. The Wheel bug should be ridden with both feet on the ground.
  8. It is important to check that the handle and wheel bolts are tight before using the toy. A loose or detached handle or wheel can make the toy unstable.
  9. Maximum rider weight recommended is 25kg or 50lbs.
  10. Clean with soap and water, protect with diluted Eucalypt oil. Never use polishes, abrasive cleaners or steel wool. Strong solvents eg acetone, can damage the surface. Exposure to sunlight for long periods can result in colour fading. Don’t leave out in the open. Keep sharp points away from the covering.
Wheely Bug Specs Small Large
Age Grading 1-3yrs 3yrs+
Length 38cm 46cm
Width 23cm 28cm
Seat Height 22cm 26cm
Handle Height 30cm 31cm

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