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Planet Wise Diaper Covers | SPLASH

Planet Wise Diaper Covers | SPLASH
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The Planet Wise Diaper Cover is available in two adjustable sizes to allow for a trim fit from birth through potty training!

Size 1: 6-18 lbs.

Size 2: 15-35+ lbs.


  • The inner of the diaper cover is made from high quality PUL and the outer is a 100% organic cotton designer print by Monaluna.
  • Top and bottom waterproof PUL flaps (soft side toward baby) hold your cloth diaper in place and don't wick, allowing the diaper cover to be reused many times before washing!
  • Double gussets are gentle on your baby's thighs, but contain even the biggest mess.
  • A double row of waist closure snaps makes for a great fit without wing droop!
  • The Planet Wise Diaper Cover is proudly made in the USA!

To use:

  1. Adjust rise snaps.
  2. Tuck cloth diaper under front and back flats or put cloth diaper on baby.
  3. Put diaper cover on baby, using waist snaps to create a snug fit on your baby.
  4. Change cloth diaper when wet or soiled. Reuse diaper cover till wet or soiled.

Washing instructions:

  1. Remove solids
  2. Cold rinse (no detergent)
  3. Warm or hot wash with additive free detergent
  4. Tumble dry low or line dry
    **no additives, bleach, softeners or water temperature above 120 degrees

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