Righteous Felon Craft Jerky - Bourbon Franklin Beef Jerky

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A red bandana on a Black Lab's neck.  An ole beat up Martin getting passed around a campfire.  Bruce Springsteen blaring over a Jukebox in a run down dive bar on the corner of Matlack and Neilds.  A deranged madman flying a kite in the middle of a lightning storm.  A couple'a crazy forefathers, thinking they could defeat the reigning superpower of Mother Earth.  There's only a few things in this world more American than the aforementioned.  Among those chosen few, is an elixir unique to America itself: Bourbon.  The only form of whiskey that mandates production in one of these fifty United States of America, in fresh, first-timer oak barrels.    

Bourbon Franklin takes Righteous Felon's original recipe and piledrives it with a 4th-of-July's worth of Bourbon, a pinch of vanilla bean, and a whisper of cinnamon that'll whisk you right back to the street you grew up on.  Bourbon Franklin is an homage to the ingenuity of America itself, it's signature spirit, and the great men (and women) who created it and continue to reinforce and redefine it's founding values:  Family.  Friends. Flavor. Freedom. And the pursuit of (your tongue's) happiness. 

Size : 2 oz.