Rinse Bath Body Inc | Tub Truffle ~ Unscented

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Sweetening baths one truffle at a time.

This Cocoa Butter based bath bomb fizzes in your tub as the Cocoa Butter slowly melts away, conditioning your bath & skin. There is just enough cocoa butter to lightly moisturize the skin.

Scent: There is none. No fragrance or essential oils added, just the natural scent of the Cocoa Butter.

To Use: Draw a warm bath. Unwrap & drop your truffle in & allow the truffle to begin its fizzing. Sit back, relax & enjoy.

Contains: Cocoa Butter, Baking Soda, & Citric Acid.

Please note – Tub Truffles may leave surfaces slippery, so simply rinse the tub with hot water afterward.