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The largest of all venomous snakes, cobras can grow up to 18 feet long. Their hood is actually a controllable elongation of their neck ribs that they use to appear larger when they feel threatened. Cobras are very important to the medical field, as the study of their venom has not only produced treatment for various cobra bites, but has produced antivenin for other snake bites as well.

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Poised and ready to strike, this impressive cobra has its huge fangs bared! While this figurine poses no danger, all hooded cobras can be fatally dangerous to humans due to their strong neurotoxic venom. Some cobras can even spit venom from their fangs!


  • Scientific Name: Genus Naja
  • Characteristics: This enormous cobra figurine captures the iconic essence of the creature, complete with long, slender fangs and the iconic hood with a “U” marking. The texture even simulates the slick, smooth scales present on an actual cobra.
  • Size and Color: Measuring 36 inches long and 1.5 inches in height, this fully posable cobra figurine is the exact length of a yard stick and about as tall as the cap of a pen. It's attractive, hand-painted black and orange pattern and snow white fangs make it as impressive a display as it is intimidating.
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