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There are around 60 species of spiny lobsters, found throughout the warm oceans of the world. The fossil record shows that spiny lobsters have existed on earth for at least 110 million years. These creatures spend most of their time in caves and holes in rocky sea beds or coral reefs, but occasionally migrate in large groups, traveling across the sea floor in groups of over 50 lobsters, moving in a single file line.

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Spiny lobsters are similar to “true” lobsters, but they lack the large claws that are often associated with those crustaceans. They also have long, spiky antennae, unlike true lobsters. The two groups are not closely related, but both share common features like a hard shell and a segmented tail. Spiny lobsters are found in warm, marine environments around the world.

  • Scientific Name: Family Palinuridae
  • Characteristics:  True to its name, this massive spiny lobster features a prickly carapace. But don’t worry! Our figure is much softer than the real thing. This hand-painted figure features stunning true-to-life detail, looking like it just crawled out of the ocean and onto your shelf!
  • Size and Color:  This spiny lobster figure measures 12 ½ inches long and is 3 ¼ inches tall. Its coloration is a brownish red with dark brown, orange, and black accents.
  • The Spiny Lobster is part of the Incredible Creatures® collection.
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