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This stingray is known by many names, including Black-blotched Stingray, Black-spotted Stingray, Round Ribbontail Ray, Speckled Stingray, and - when its coloration is dark with lighter gray and white speckling - the Marble Ray. This large ray can grow up to six feet across and is found in tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Scientific Name: Taeniura meyeni.

Characteristics: This hand-painted and highly detailed Marble Ray figure is scientifically accurate, educational and fun! It's sculpted with the fronts of its fins raised, meaning it is beginning the undulating motion that will push its body through the water.

Size and Color: At about 5½" wide, the main body of this figure is slightly larger than a DVD or Blu Ray disc, with the tail adding an additional 3" to the length, making it about 8" long. Its base color is a charcoal gray, with white, gray and tan speckles covering its body. Its underside is a lighter gray, and its eyes are gold.