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Humans have domesticated wild animals for thousands of years, reaching back well before the pyramids. The first were dogs, domesticated from wolves. Next came sheep and goats. The third wave of domestication, around 8000 B.C., included cattle and pigs, larger animals that would have required more developed settlements to maintain. Of the many types of wild hog, only wild boars were domesticated. This occurred in at least two separate locations: China and present-day Turkey. From these centers of domestication, pigs traveled with traders and tribes into Europe and the rest of Asia, and eventually worldwide.


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A boar is a male pig capable of breeding. Two popular breeds that display pink coloration are the Chester White and the American Landrace. However, both breeds are technically considered white. Their skin looks pink because of the color underneath.


  • Scientific Name: Sus domesticus
  • Characteristics: This stocky boar would love to be part of your farm. It’s perfectly proportioned for an adult male, with an active, intelligent face.
  • Size and Color: At 4 ¼ inches long, this well-built light pink boar is about the size of a small cucumber. It has darker colors about the trotters, snout and ears, just like real pigs.
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