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Phoenix roosters resemble Japanese Onagadori chickens, which isn’t surprising since Onagadoris were used to create the Phoenix breed. However, Onagadori chickens have even longer feathers, measured in yards rather than feet, and they require a great deal of special care and a unique diet. A German farmer created the Phoenix breed by crossing long-feathered Onagadoris with hardier European breeds. Phoenix birds still require more attention to their diets and aren’t quite as sturdy as other breeds, but their beauty makes up for any perceived shortcomings. The exact roots of their name are unknown, but it’s a fair guess that the name comes from mythology, referring to how the Phoenix chicken rose from the ashes of other breeds to become a new creation.


More Info

Phoenix roosters are a highly unique breed, easily distinguishable by their saddle and sickle feathers, the long feathers that reach from their backs and tails, as well as their slate-colored legs. The feathers can grow to a foot long or more.

  • Scientific Name: Gallus domesticus
  • Characteristics: This figure is a silver Phoenix rooster, a male, proudly displaying the extensive saddle and sickle feathers for which the breed is famous.
  • Size and Color: This 3 ¼ inch long Phoenix rooster is about the size of a computer mouse, with the black and white feathers of a silver Phoenix, along with a red comb and wattle.
  • The Phoenix Rooster is part of the Safari Farm collection.
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