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Pygmy goats have been bred and selected for their usefulness as backyard pets. Although they can be milked, they are excellent foragers, and they are playful and outgoing, just like other goats. Pygmy goats are small enough to live in a dog house, and their feeding requirements are less. For these reasons, Pygmies are preferred by people and organizations that don’t have the living space or forage space for larger goats. Pygmy goats are likely related to dwarf goats from West Africa, although pigmy goats have been bred a little stockier.


More Info

Pygmy goats are a smaller goat breed. A nanny will grow to less than two feet tall and weigh less than 75 pounds. They are raised for milk and meat just like regular goats, but their smaller size allows people to keep them more easily as pets as well.

  • Scientific Name: Capra hircus
  • Characteristics: This cute pygmy nanny looks quite petable. With its outstretched neck and lively demeanor, it’s surely ready to play.
  • Size and Color: Pygmy goats come in many colors, but this figure is a mix of grey and white, along with realistic colors for the hooves and face. It’s 3 inches long and 1 ½ inches tall, a little smaller than a Twinkie.
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