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Uintatherium was the subject of a heated competition during the “Bone Wars” in which paleontologists Joseph Leidy, O. C. Marsh and Edward Cope were each trying to be the first to name and describe the fossils they had found. Leidy would end up the winner, naming the strange-skulled creature “Uintatherium”, though the rivalry took a toll. Though Leidy is widely considered to be the father of U.S. vertebrate paleontology, the prolonged battles surrounding Uintatherium would lead to him leaving the field altogether.

Though Uintatheriums look like rhinos, they are not closely related and no one is quite sure where they belong in the mammalian family tree.

  • Scientific Name: Uintatherium (“Beast from Uinta Mountains”)
  • Characteristics: This Uintatherium figure has a detailed hide reminiscent of a rhinoceros or an elephant. While this hand-painted figure may seem a little grumpy, we’re sure he’d be happy to come home with you.
  • Size and Color:  This figure is 5 ¾ inches long and 2 ¾ inches tall, or about the size of a small index card. Its hide is grayish above, fading to a pale orange underneath. His tusks are an ivory and his eyes are brown.
  • The Uintatherium is part of the Wild Safari® Prehistoric World collection.
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