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Although harp seals aren’t classified as endangered or threatened and are actually recognized as “least concern” on the conversation status spectrum, they are the most commercially hunted seal species. Their fur fluff is a highly valued resource, and hundreds of thousands of harp seals are hunted and killed for it each year. Although there are strict rules and regulations in place designed to limit the number of harp seals hunted, some researchers believe the current rate cannot be sustained over a long period of time without crippling the global harp seal population.


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  • Endemic to the northern Atlantic Ocean and parts of the Arctic ocean, the harp seal is a species of earless seal that’s sometimes referred to as the saddleback seal due to the distinct markings on its back. Heavily migratory, some harp seals can travel over 2,500 miles!
  • Scientific Name: Pagophilus groenlandicus
  • Characteristics: With our harp seal figurine, you can experience and study all of the amazing attributes of this animal without having to endure the frigid temperatures of its natural habitat! Hand painted and immaculately crafted for life-like accuracy, all Safari figurines are exceptional as gifts, collector’s items, toys for play, and even as educational tools.
  • Size and Color: Harps seals can be easily distinguished by their silvery-gray bodies with accenting black markings, as well as their jet black eyes. Standing 3.9 inches long and 1.75 inches wide, our harp seal figurine is a little longer and a bit less wide than a deck of cards.
  • The Harp Seal is part of the Wild Safari® Sea Life collection.

  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.