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Due to a declining population mainly caused by activities such as over-fishing, climate change, habitat destruction, and the introduction of detrimental invasive species, the Humboldt penguin is currently considered vulnerable on the conversation status spectrum. Current estimates suggest the global Humboldt penguin population is around 7,500 individuals. Although their numbers have been declining since the mid-19th century, there have been many positive steps towards stabilizing their numbers, including the enactment of new laws and the establishment of protective sanctuaries.


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  • Endemic to the coastal regions of Chile and Peru in South America, the Humboldt penguin is a flightless bird with flippers, and is closely related to the African penguin. Here’s a cool fact: Humboldt penguins have a spiny tongue that helps them latch onto pray!
  • Scientific Name: Spheniscus humboldti
  • Characteristics: Humboldt penguins are actually named after the cold water current they swim in, known as the Humboldt current. Artfully crafted and hand painted, this figurine is exceptional as a gift for a nature lover, as an addition to your collection, as a piece of décor, or just as a toy for fun and imaginative play!
  • Size and Color: Humboldt penguins have a predominantly white and gray body with black accents near the head, neck, and back. This model stands 2.93 inches tall and 1.56 inches long, a touch smaller than a deck of cards stood upright.
  • The humboldt penguin is part of the Wild Safari® Sea Life collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.