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Whitetip reef sharks rarely attack humans, unlike their cousins the oceanic whitetip. These sharks are quite small, rarely growing longer than five feet in length, and spend most of their time in caves or crevices on Indo-Pacific reefs. They wait until night to feed, by patrolling the reef for its preferred food of fish, octopi and crustaceans. The whitetip reef shark’s slim body allows it to follow its prey into areas that would be off-limits to most other predators. Due to the reduction of their reef habitat and overfishing, this species is listed as “Near Threatened”.


More Info

The whitetip reef shark is a requiem shark, meaning it is a member of the Carcharhinidae family, like the bull shark, grey reef shark, tiger shark and lemon shark. However, unlike those and most other sharks, it does not need to constantly swim to force water through its gills to breathe, and can rest on the sea bottom without moving. This shark prefers to stay close to the ocean floor in caves and crevices during the day, coming out at night to feed.

  • Scientific Name: Triaenodon obesus
  • Characteristics: This slender shark figure is posed as if twisting its way through the coral and rocks of the reef floor. This hand-painted figure captures the unique blunted snout and sleek body of the whitetip reef shark.
  • Size and Color: This figure measures 4 ¾ inches long and 1 ¾ inches tall, a little shorter than the length of a soda can on its side. Its coloration is gray above fading to a white underbelly, with the characteristic white tips on its dorsal and tail fins.
  • The Whitetip Reef Shark is part of the Wild Safari® Sea Life collection.
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