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The Arabian is such a very old breed. In fact, horses looking very similar to Arabians are depicted in cave paintings from 4000 years ago. Because of this, its origins will never be full known. What is known is that these horses were sold to Europeans by the Bedouins of Arabia, and it serves as the foundation for many other breeds, from the Thoroughbred to the Morgan. It was the favorite horse breed of Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 14.5 L x 10.25 W x
  • Size in inches: 5.71 L x 4.04 W x


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              Arabian Horses feature several unique characteristics that make the breed easily recognizable to experienced horse lovers. It starts with large, wide-set eyes, leading to an arched neck and a short back, extending to a high tail carriage, all with elegant lines.

              • Scientific Name: Equus caballus
              • Characteristics: This Arabian Mare showcases the unique characteristics of the breed, including a long, sloped neck, high tail and teacup muzzle. 
              • Size and Color: Thanks to its outstretched neck, this Arabian horse figure measures 5 ¾ inches long. It features a light brown coat with a striking golden mane and black hooves.
              • The Arabian Mare is part of the Winner's Circle Horses collection.
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