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Although made famous by Queen Isabella of Spain, palominos have also enjoyed much more recent notoriety thanks to cowboy film star Roy Rogers. Any picture of Rogers is sure to feature his golden horse, Trigger, a gorgeous Palomino. Trigger was originally named Golden Cloud, and the horse first appeared in a 1938 Robin Hood movie as Maid Marian’s steed. Roy Rogers bought the horse and renamed it Trigger, and a decades’ long companionship followed, with the palomino co-starring in dozens of movies and learning many stunts. The horse lived over 30 years, and even after its passing, it remains notable, the stuffed body recently fetching a quarter-million dollars at auction.


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Palomino refers to size and coloration. It’s a golden color accompanied by a white mane and tail in a horse between 14 and 17 hands high. A mustang is breed of wild horse found in western North America, descendants of horses brought to the New World during the Age of Discovery.


  • Scientific Name: Equus caballus
  • Characteristics: This stunning palomino mustang mare features a classic pose and slightly turned head to accentuate its sturdy musculature.
  • Size and Color: At 4 ¾ inches long, this mustang is about the length of a soda can. Its golden color and flaxen mane and tail are complemented by white socks.
  • The Palomino Mare is part of the Winner's Circle Horses collection.
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