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Rocky Mountain stallions, like the Gypsy Vanners of the 20th century, got their start in nearly total obscurity. While Kentucky is known for horses, the thoroughbreds and race horses get the most attention. However, in the later parts of the 19th century, people dwelling in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky bred their local, gaited horses with a stallion from the Rocky Mountains. These horses had survived and thrived as daily riders and work horses, adapted to harsh weather, resulting in tremendous endurance and sturdiness. Only the strong survived to breed, and by the time the horses were bred with outside stock, these Appalachian horses were finely tuned survival machines. The Rocky Mountain name stuck, and the horses grew in fame as the spread from the forested valleys through the rest of Kentucky and into surrounding states. Today, the breed continues to be noted for its sturdiness and strength, its recognizable color scheme, and its unique gait.


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The founding stallion of the Rocky Mountain breed is said to be a chocolate-colored horse with flaxen mane and tail, very similar to this figure. Rocky Mountain horses are sturdy, dependable animals, easy to ride and train, the result of generations surviving harsh climates.


  • Scientific Name: Equus caballus
  • Characteristics: Its name might make people think of a free-spirited, wild-at-heart type, and this Rocky Mountain stallion looks the part with its flowing mane and easy gait.
  • Size and Color: The breed standard says Rocky Mountain horses must be a solid color, and this 6 inch long horse reflects that standard, with a flaxen mane in homage to the breed’s progenitor.
  • The Rocky Mountain Stallion is part of the Winner's Circle Horses collection.
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