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Sakura Bloom Ring Sling - Basic Collection - Flax

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Our Basics Collection

Please note, our Double layer Basics are just a smidge darker than the product images due to the different absorption of the different weight yarns. 

Fine Belgian linen spun and woven into two distinctly different weights of linen. Balanced perfection for your choosing of a single or double layer sling. Each one hand dyed + tumble dried in LA, and then crafted right here in our coastal San Diego workshop. 

Single.We spin a strong, heavy weight flax yarn and couple that with a dense weave to create the ultimate in single layer support. 

Double.We spin a fine, lightweight yarn of the only the strongest flax, weave it to the perfect density, and then double it to bring you unmatched comfort and support in a linen sling.

How to Choose?

In a nutshell, choosing between our single and double layer Basics comes down to personal preference. Our Singles are crafted from a single layer of heavier weight linen and our Doubles are crafted from a double layer of finer, lightweight linen. Both are amazing. Both will take you from the newborn days through the toddler years with ease. You really cannot go wrong, but we have noticed that people surely have their opinions so we thought we would give you a little insight into some patterns we have noticed over the years…

Single.A favorite among first time sling wearers and gift givers, our single Basics are often a first leap into the colorful world of Sakura Bloom. It is quite common for wearers to fall in love with their Single and then come back to try out the other collections like our double linens, silks, and Theory.

Double. A favorite among seasoned sling wearers looking for a long term solution, our double Basics are known for their balance – soft and floppy enough for the newborn days yet strong and supportive enough for the toddler years. The finer weave coupled with the additional layer of support really comes into play when we start talking about comfort and support levels for wearing bigger babies and toddlers.

About Sakura Bloom Slings

Simple to use, just cinch and go. 

    One size, adjustable. Use with babies 7-35 pounds.

    Made in California. 

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