Saranoni Luxury Blanket | Ginger Ribbed Queen/King Bamboni

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We love this Ginger Ribbed Bamboni Queen and King Blankets! The quality of the fabric and construction delivers a blanket that is immediately felt and appreciated. Treat yourself, or someone you know, with the gift of comfort that comes from a Saranoni Ribbed Bamboni blanket.
  • These cloud-like blankets are soft, fluffy, breathable and sure to bring warmth and comfort to your home.
  • Incredibly Breathable: 
  • Feel: Super soft, cuddly and lightweight. Feeling is Believing.
  • High-quality construction: Every aspect is considered from the thread to the dye, from the factory to the family who receives this blanket.
  • Sizes:  Queen- 70"x96" King- 104"x70" 
  • Color: Ginger
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, no bleach or fabric softener. Hang or lay flat to dry.