Slumberkins SuperHero Camp ~ Otter Bundle

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Empower children to build relationships with 4+ weeks of skill-building activities. This year, Camp Slumberkins joins Otter on a mission as she journeys to Hero Camp to discover her superpowers. While at first, she is unsure,  Otter learns how to set boundaries, ask for help, and show kindness — all through the power of play!

The SuperHero Camp: Otter bundle offers the complete camp experience and our Otter KIN.  Otter is on her journey to Hero Camp. She is ready to meet all her sidekicks and other little heros to learn about naming their feelings and advocating for themselves.

What Campers Will Learn: 

  • Armadillo teaches campers to share their feelings and set boundaries.
  • Platypus teaches them that they can ask for help
  • Griffin shows campers how to be kind and caring 
  • Lynx teaches campers the power of play. 

What's Included: 

  • 4+ weeks of skill-building activity cards adaptable for ages 0-8
  • Skill-building Hardcover Book
  • Otter KIN
  • Stickers
  • Teal Drawstring Bag
  • Additional digital resources: activities, videos, and more!

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