Smart Start™ Cheese Dip®

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The Cheesy, Sneaky Spelling Game®

Now children can practice spelling in a fun way with Cheese Dip™. Roll the die to see who gets to use their mouse tail to hook the cheesy letters, but be careful not to drop them! It’s a sneaky race to see who will spell their word first! Includes multiple word level difficulties to grow with children! 

For 1 to 4 players.
Ages 3 & Up 

Content:37 Letters (26 Consonants, 11 Vowels), 20 2-Sided Cards (8 Sets of 5 Words), 4 Mice, Bowl, Die, Rules 

The Philosophy Behind Smart Start™ Games
We believe in the importance of balancing fun and education to ensure that children grow and thrive, and each and every Smart Start game is carefully created with that sentiment in mind. After all, teaching games are only helpful if children play them, and children will only play them if they’re fun! Children are happy playing our games over and over because they’re entertained and engaged, and moms are happy that children are learning!

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