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Snuggle Me Original: Conventional (non-organic) fabrics, filled with a hypoallergenic, virgin polyester fiber fill.

The Snuggle Me Original is machine washable, making it very practical for baby items at a lower price point.

Your baby will spent 9-10 months securely tucked inside your womb.  When your baby is born, he will have a strong desire for confinement, which makes him feel safe within his new world.

Our Snuggle Me Center Sling TechnologyTM creates a comforting and secure cocoon for your babies, meeting their need for security and and confinement in their first 6 months postpartum.  Our Snuggle Me is the only lounging cushion available that will actively snuggle up against them, giving them the sensation of being held or touched.  

The Center Sling TechnologyTM also tames the startle reflex in newborns by gently pulling in around them to "snuggle", helping them to rest in longer, more solid spurts. This technology also ensures babies stay safely positioned on their back for proper sleep.  Again, the Snuggle Me is the only product that naturally prevents rolling or turning as there are no gaps between baby and the cushion; they fit snuggly and securely.

The Snuggle Me is also the perfect postpartum aid for recovering mamas.  It gives you a helping hand, keeping baby safely comforted in the wee-hours and throughout the day.  It is light-weight and can easily be moved from room to room (and without even waking the baby!)  

It also gives babies a consistent sleep environment as it feels the same, no matter where it is places. When traveling or when with a caregiver, it gives babies a little piece of home, helping to comfort them when away from their mama or normal surroundings.

The Snuggle Me is perfect for bringing to a caregiver's house, traveling, camping and more (no more bulky port-a-cribs!) .

The Snuggle Me is the ultimate in organic baby care and non-toxic co sleeping support.  The Snuggle Me has been recommended and used by midwives, doulas, pediatric chiropractors and other birth professionals worldwide for over 9 years.

The Snuggle Me is filled with hypo-allergenic polyester fiber fill. It is filled by a wonderful small company in Cakato, MN where the fiber fill is also produced.  It is untreated with no chemicals or harmful flame retardants. 

**Machine Washable


  • For babies 0-6 months.


  • Cushion dimensions 26 x 18 x 4 inches approximately (designed to fit baby's torso). 

  • 3 Pounds



What is Snuggle Me?:


Because of our patented center sling, which is slightly raised and unpadded, the Snuggle Me will gently pull in against baby, giving the feeling of a hug. This is a unique, patented feature only found in the Snuggle Me.  The Snuggle Me is not just a place to lay baby, but will physically pull in against baby's sides.  Because of our protective patents, no other sleeper or lounger can give this sensory experience to your baby...all others fall short. 


Having the secure fit around baby's torso, also ensure baby is not able to roll or turn within the cushion. This is a very important safety feature that we encourage all new families to take into consideration when they are looking at other co-sleeping and lounging options.  Babies should not be laid in padded surfaces where they are able to roll or turn, no matter how "breathable" a fabric is.

Helps Prevent the Moro or "startle" reflex.

The startle reflex is a protective newborn reflex that can frequently wake baby, causing distruptive sleep for everyone.  Because the Snuggle Me securely contours to baby and provides physical support all around, it is the only co-sleeping aid that truly tames the Moro (startle) reflex in infants.  (**There are other companies out there that claim to tame this reflex, however, the Snuggle Me is the only product that provides the support and physical contact needed to prevent the Moro Reflex). 

Better Sleep.

We have found, through 10 years of mama testimonials, that babies who preferred to sleep on their tummies, their parent's chests, or who fight sleeping in the safer back-position, are soothed and comforted by the Snuggle Me and are finally able to get the rest they need.  

Hand Crafted in the USA.

10 years ago, we made the first Snuggle Me at our kitchen table on a used sewing machine with fabrics from the local sewing store.  We were equipped only with a vision and crazy determination.  Staying true to our beginning, we continue to employ local, Minnesota sewers to craft each and every Snuggle Me with care.  We also have chosen to only use fabrics manufactured here in the USA.  Why?  First, because we value supporting family-owned US businesses and second, because all fabrics made in the US are under the regulations of the CPSIA, which have the strictest regulations on fabric manufacturing in the world. As moms ourselves, we wanted the best choice possible for our materials setting us far above any competitor.


What is your general safety advice?

We recommend that you do not use the Snuggle Me in a crib or leave baby unattended in the cushion whether they are asleep or awake.  It can be used for co-sleeping, but not separate room sleeping. Keep baby in the same room for napping during the day as well.  

Why can't I put this in a crib?

The safe sleep guidelines state that nothing be placed inside a crib to sleep with baby, not even a blanket.  The cushion is to be used for co-sleeping or daytime napping, but not separate sleeping or crib sleeping.

Can I use the Snuggle Me for co-sleeping?

Definitely.  Bringing baby to bed not only helps mama and baby get the rest they need, it also helps regulate breastmilk production, baby's breathing cycles and mama/papa/baby bonding.  The Snuggle Me gives parents the perfect aid in this nighttime relationship.  The cushion provides a barrier within the bed, helping with the biggest fear parents have, rolling onto baby.  Giving baby their own sleep space within the bed allows parents to sleep confidently, knowing baby is safe and comforted.  The Snuggle Me is by far the most comfortable cushion for both baby and parents to sleep with.  It has no hard edges, buttons or straps and doesn't take up too much extra room.  Not only that, but during the day, it can be used for napping, allowing baby to have the same sleeping environment as in the night time, making sleeping more consistent.  

How do I co-sleep safely with the cushion?

Place baby in the center of the bed with the top end of the cushion flat against the headboard.  Give baby their own blankets to use, do not share blankets with baby.  Lay baby in the center of the cushion on their back, never on their stomach or side.  Alternatively, you can also place your bed against the wall, lay baby on the wall side, mama in the middle and partner on the outside.

Is this just for co-sleeping?

Oh, goodness no.  Babies spend so much of their beginning months sleeping that it will naturally be great for sleeping, however, it is also great as a play mat, a tummy time helper, infant massage, a changing station, sponge baths, for travel, camping and even sitting up practice.  This truly is one of the most versatile products on the market and can be used in place of a whole slew of other products.  If you are looking for the "one product for everything" this is it.  I always tell our customers that if you have a great baby carrier and a Snuggle Me, you can skip the rest of the "baby stuff" for at least the first 4-6 months.  

Does it really help them sleep?

Babies spend 9 months tucked snuggly inside their mother's womb.  When they are born, all that "space" leaves them a little lost and uncomfortable.  This is why swaddling is so magical to them.  The cushion creates boundary around them, allowing them to feel secure even after you have laid them down.  The cushion feels similar to a pair of arms holding them (obviously not a replacement for holding your baby...hold your baby A LOT).  But when you do need to lay them down, the Snuggle Me will help them continue to feel snuggled and safe.  We have been selling the Snuggle Me for 10 years now and our customers have said from the beginning that the cushion helps baby stay asleep in longer spurts because baby still felt snuggled and secure.  Of course they will and need to wake during the night, but hopefully it will help them get more solid chunks of sleep, which is both helpful to them and mama.

I thought babies weren't supposed to sleep on pillows?

There are 2 reasons why babies should not sleep on or near a traditional "pillow".  

1) A baby will roll around on them and because they do not take any type of "form" they can get themselves into dangerous positions.  The Snuggle Me is not like a traditional pillow and has a firm "form" that will not change no matter how baby moves.

2) Pillows are too soft and can contort baby's airway.  The Snuggle Me is actually unpadded...there is nothing in the center except a thin piece of fabric.  This means the cushion will take the firmness it is placed on and will keep baby safely positioned on their backs.  If you lay it on the floor, it will be very firm (though not as firm as laying directly onto the floor given it has a "sling" so will gently curve), if you lay it on a bed, it will be no firmer than that bed.  Even though it LOOKS super cozy, it really is just surrounding baby and not really changing the firmness of the surface that they are laying on.

Will my baby roll over in the cushion?

The cushion is designed with a center sling area, basically a thin piece of fabric which suspends.  When you lay them on top of the cushion, the sides gently pull in to snuggle them, also causing a small amount of pressure around them.  It is similar to a hammock.  Because of this design, it is nearly impossible for baby to roll around.  When they are strong enough to crawl, there will be a point where baby will be able to roll OUT of the cushion, but even then, they will still have a hard time rolling within the cushion.  We have not heard of any baby rolling within the cushion in 10 years, so we are fairly confident that it is nearly impossible.  However, keep baby well attended because babies are unpredictable.

What happens when baby is able to roll over or crawl on their own, can I still use the cushion?

The cushion is designed for babies 0-6 months of age.  At 6 months, baby will most likely not yet be strong enough to roll out of the cushion.  HOWEVER, there will be a point that they will be able to do so, so please pay close attention to your baby, especially once they get up to or past that 6 month mark.  If they are rolling at 3 months old or so, they will not have the tummy strength to roll out of the cushion, so you should not have to worry.  (But again, please attend your baby in the cushion).  If you are concerned, make sure baby is laying all the way down in the cushion with their legs draped over the bottom edge. This will make it even more difficult for them to move around.

What about SIDS?

First, as a general rule, we recommend that an infant always be attended in the cushion, asleep or awake. Here are the SIDS guidelines that may apply to the Snuggle Me. 

1) Always place your baby on his or her back to sleep, for naps and at night.   The Snuggle Me's patent-pending center sling design keeps baby safely positioned on their backs. Because of its design, the cushion also keeps baby’s back and airway straight and aligned.  

2) Place your baby on a firm sleep surface.   The Snuggle Me has no padding in its center sling. This means that its surface is no firmer or softer than the surface it's placed on. Do not place the Snuggle Me on soft blankets or pillows when a baby is sleeping.  

3) Keep soft objects, toys, and loose bedding out of your baby's sleep area.   When an infant is fully in the center of the Snuggle Me, you can see their full profile from either side. Also, the infant's shoulders position the sides of the cushion away from the infant's face. Finally, the cushion's sides are firm enough that if an infant were to turn into it, the sides would not form to the infant's nose/face.

4) Keep your baby's sleep area close to, but separate from, where you and others sleep.   Co-sleeping is a highly debated subject. One side says having baby in bed increases the risk of SIDS and the other side says the opposite. If a parent chooses to sleep with their baby in the bed with them, the Snuggle Me will provide a firm barrier between the parents and the infant. It will also keep baby safely positioned on their back. Ultimately, it will make co-sleeping with baby a safer decision. 

Has the Snuggle Me been tested for safety?

The Snuggle Me uses fabrics and materials directly from the USA.  This means that the fabrics (in particular) are regulated by the CPSIA.  The CPSIA has the higest standard for product safety anywhere.  As for our fills, our organic fills are both certified organic and are in their raw, unprocessed forms. Even our polyester fill is made in the US and contain no added chemicals and does not contain Ethylene Glycol, Phthalates, BPAs, or flame retardants.

In terms of "safety use", we have produced our Snuggle Me's for 10 years and there are still no tests available that would test the "safeness" of the product, which is true for nearly ALL products produced today.  When products say they are tested for safety, what they usually mean is that they meet the basic lead and the toxic chemical tests that are required for all products.   This speaks nothing of how "safe" a product really is to use.

The JPMA does offer testing for more common items, for example strollers, high chairs, car seats etc., but cannot help with products that fall out of those categories.  When they test these product, they are seeing what happens in a crash, what happens when you tip them over, or drop them from high from a high place.  But even these more mechanical tests cannot predict every single situation (which is why there are such large amounts of recalls on products that have in fact been tested for safety).    

What we do have is a 10 year track record of amazing safety performance.  Our product keeps babies in place, they are not able to roll around in the Snuggle Me, unlike some other, newly emerging imitation products.  We've patented this technology and have a long track record you can trust.

Will this help with breastfeeding?

This is not a breastfeeding pillow, so it will not help directly with breastfeeding.  However, it will help keep baby close to you during the night which aids in the success of breastfeeding.  It is super easy to get baby in and out of the cushion, never having to leave your bed and allowing baby to stay settled after eating. This is most critical during the first few weeks after birth when good feeding habits are being established.  

Will this help with nighttime parenting?

Nighttime parenting is by far the most difficult for a new parent to adjust to, especially with a baby who wakes frequently.  The cushion will not make baby sleep through the night (babies are not supposed to sleep through the night!), however, it will help them sleep in longer more solid spurts.  It will also allow you to feel confident sleeping next to your baby, because it forms a firm barrier between you and baby in the bed.  Consider the Snuggle Me your aid, helping baby stay content and also providing boundaries in the bed which all helps in the wee-hours of the night.  

Is it comfortable to sleep with?

Yes.  A lot of in-bed sleepers have hard edges, but the Snuggle Me is soft, and comfortable, not just for baby, but for those sleeping next to it!  

Will it fit in a standard queen size bed? 

Yes.  It is only about 21 inches wide, so it fits great in a queen.  The bigger the bed, the more room, obviously, but we have not heard any negative feedback on how it fits within the queen sized beds.

Where do your materials come from?

All the fabrics used for all versions of the Snuggle Me are from the USA.  

Is it GOTS certified?  CSPIA certified?  

We have a full page dedicated to our certifications.  

Who makes your products?

In the beginning, we hand made all of our cushions, from the sewing to stuffing.  Over the years, we've been able to outsources most of the work, but all components are still made here in Minnesota by trusted local businesses.  Our cushions are sewn in Duluth, MN by Woodland Mills.  Our cushions are filled by a company called AirTex in Cokato, MN.  And we are still hand-filling all of our organic fill cushions by hand. By purchasing our cushions, you are supporting ALL of these local MN businesses. Thank you!

Where does the polyester fiber fill come from?

It comes from Cokato, MN and is 100% polyester fiber fill with nothing added to it.  

What are the pros and cons of going with the raw organic cotton instead of the polyester fill?

The organic cotton is a much different texture than the polyester fiber fill.  The cotton is firmer, not washable and doesn't hold its shape as well as the polyester filled cushions.  As far as functionality goes, the polyester filled out performs the raw organic cotton by a lot.  However, if you are concerned about off-gas and are set on having an all organic sleep environment for your baby, by all means, go with the 100% organic cotton filling.  All in all, you cannot get a safer, toxic free product than the 100% organic cotton filled Snuggle Me.  If washing is a concern, we do have waterproof pads available and organic wool and cotton puddle pads will soon be available.

Do you add any flame retardants to your products?  

None of our products have flame retardant added to them.  There are also no alternatives to traditional flame retardants added.  They are pure, non-toxic fabrics and fills.  We think it's important to avoid these in keeping with the organic nature of the product.

Why are your cushions priced so high?

We use very high quality materials for our products and do some of the production ourselves.  We do not send out this work to China, instead, local business help us.  If we were ever to enter the "retail" world, the prices would become even higher because our markups are not where an average retailer would like them; we are pricing the cushions below what they are actually worth within the marketplace.  We really want to give our customers the highest quality products for their babies and that is our top priority.  IF you are looking for a top quality baby product, THIS is it.  I have found very few other sleepers, loungers, etc. that have the level of quality we do. (Not to brag or anything). :)

What are the physical differences between the polyester filled cushion and the raw organic cotton cushion?  

The only actual difference between the two versions is the filling, everything else is the same.  However, this makes a big difference in how it feels, look, and even smells.  The cotton filled cushion is firmer and denser feeling.  It also can appear a bit lumpier, though we do our best to make sure they are stuffed evenly and smooth.  The organic cotton filled cushion also has a definite organic cotton smell to it.  They will also require different washing techniques.  The organic cotton cushion will need to be spot cleaned or dry cleaned only.  Other than that, the cushions act exactly alike.  

Do babies prefer one version over the other?

To our knowledge, there has been no difference.  The organic cotton filled cushions are a bit firmer, which could mean they are less "comfy" for baby, but that has yet to be proven and no customers have stated baby doesn't like the firmness.  

I am not co-sleeping, is this product still useful to me?  (what are the other uses??) 


Help your baby feel content and secure in this great big world! A little extra cuddling is great and it might even give mom a couple of extra free minutes.


The cushion offers just the right amount of propping for baby's head and shoulders to keep them comfortable and able to keep an eye on mom and to watch what's going on in the room.

Tummy Time

Because of the snuggling effect of the cushion, infants feel secure and are more open to tummy time practice. The cushion also keeps baby’s back properly positioned for healthy back posture.

Acid Reflux

Babies with acid reflux are more comfortable when their heads are elevated. When baby’s head is pulled up onto the end of the cushion, it will provide gentle elevation. The Snuggle Me is also flexible so it can be manipulated into positions that work best for each baby.


The Snuggle Me makes the perfect co-sleeping aid! The cushion’s center sling keeps baby safely positioned on their back while the cushion’s firm sides provides a firm barrier between a parent and infant.

Changing Station

The Snuggle Me is great for keeping on the couch for the daily diaper and outfit changes.


The Snuggle Me is the perfect shape for infant photography! It not only looks great on camera, but helps an infant stay calm and warm during a photo session!

Sponge Baths (or as a bathtime helper)

Babies do not like to be exposed! Because of the “Moro” (startle) reflex in small infants, being unbundled can be scary and somewhat stressful on both baby and parent. Use the Snuggle Me to keep baby feeling confined during those first few sponge baths or for those in between bath wipe downs. Also, use the cushion before and after bath time! It’s the perfect place to lay baby while getting them undressed or for drying them off afterwards.

Day Care

If you are a daycare teacher, the Snuggle Me can help you manage multiple infants in the classroom!  If you are a parent, you can bring your baby’s Snuggle Me for easier transitions between day care and home. It is easier for an infant to be away from mom and dad if they have something familiar with them that also smells like home!


Babies are more content in new surroundings when they have a piece of home with them! Bring your Snuggle Me to grandma's house, on vacations, or to baby's daycare for easier transitions!


Give baby their own space to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while keeping them out of the dirt and bugs. Take the cushion outside when playing with older children, gardening, or going to the beach.

Infant Massage Positioner

The benefits of infant massage are amazing! The Snuggle Me Cushion can aid parents or instructors during an infant massage session. The cushion will:   

1)   keep baby warm and off of hard floors.

2)   induce feelings of comfort and security allowing an infant to be more open to infant massage.

3)   provides a barrier between environmental stimulation that can distract an infant.

4)   keep an infant comfortably and securely positioned for each massage stroke.


Having multiples is challenging!   The Snuggle Me Cushion can lend parents a helping hand in the day-to-day care of multiples. Because of the cushion’s snuggling effect, an infant will get the security they need while a parent is caring for other infants.   This is beneficial to both parents and their babies!

How do I transition my baby out of the cushion?

As with all transitions, sleeping without the cushion may take a little time.   The good thing about the cushion is that there won't be a single moment in time where it all of a sudden it can’t be used. As with all "comfort items" (blankies, nuks, cribs, etc.), we suggest either letting baby wean themselves off the cushion, or choose an age you would like to see them sleeping on their own and work towards that date.   Every baby is different-some handle transitions better than others!   

When will my baby grow out of the Snuggle Me? 

Not fitting in the cushion and not liking the snuggling feeling anymore are two different things.  Baby will be able to fit in the cushion well past 6 months.  They will fit differently, with their legs draped over the bottom edge and their heads resting on the opposite edge, but they will still "fit".  When baby stops liking the snuggling, confining feeling, is completely different.  Some babies start wanting their "space" at 3/4 months, and other still love the feeling at age 1.  It really depends and there are no guarantees. Just pay attention to how baby acts and when they get squirmy, it's time to transition out.

My baby is getting too big for the cushion, but still loves to snuggle, do you make a larger version?

Yes, we do, however, we don't always advertise them on our site and during busy months, we might not have the time to make them.  However, you can always ask and we can let you know the status!  These are hand done, so will cost a bit more and take up to 2 weeks to complete.

I have a big baby, how much use will he get out of it?

Well, it is a 0-6 month product.  So it would depend on how old your baby is when they start using it.  If you have a newborn who was large at birth, you will still get a long run out of the cushion.  If they continue to be above average, you might expect them to stop using it at 4/5 months instead of 6, but it's so hard to say and is dependent on about a million factors.  I would not generalize and say that big birth weight babies use them for a shorter time, because that is just not true.  It depends more on temperament than size.  Give it a try!  

Will this help reduce flat spots from developing on my baby's head?

It can, but it will depend on what other products you are using besides the Snuggle Me.   The Snuggle Me cradles baby’s head on a gentle surface, allowing their head to stay in its natural shape. If you only use the Snuggle Me when you lay your baby down, flat spots will most likely not develop!   If you are concerned about flat spots, avoid products that have hard plastic backings, even if they are covered with a soft fabric. Also, make sure baby gets plenty of time off their back.

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