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Super Undies | Soaker Pad

Super Undies | Soaker Pad
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These soaker pods are designed to be used with ALL of our awesome potty training products! (Bedwetting Pants, Pull-on Potty Training Pants and Snap-on Potty Training Pants.) They are perfect for people who find they need a bit more absorbency. Constructed from 2 layers of thirsty microfiber and about 5"x5", they will fit perfectly in the front pocket of all these potty pants, boosting your absorbency for boys as well as tummy sleepers.

Each child is different and may have different needs for their nighttime bedwetting solution. If my guy uses one additional step-up insert in his Bedwetting Pants / Nighttime Underwear, we are assured success, but he may need two of these because he is a heavy leaker!

These pods are microfiber. The microfiber is constructed of 2 layers of microfiber. Both pods measure about 5"x 5" and will fit perfectly in the front pocket of the Nighttime Underwear. These are especially useful for boys as well as tummy sleepers.

Made in USA

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