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Imse Vimse Reusable Swim Diapers
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Imse Vimse Swim Diapers come in fun prints and have snaps on one side, making changing a breeze! Babies and moms love the soft cotton making them more comfortable and economical than disposable swim diapers, these swim cloth diapers are easy on our environment too!

This is a swim diaper and bathing suit in one. Wear it alone or under a swim suit or swim trunks. Do not add anything to the inside; you do not want a swim diaper to be absorbent - it would just absorb pool water and could weigh the child down. The design is based on containment. Make sure it fits snugly without leaving red marks. When you get out of the pool, make sure to put on an absorbent diaper to prevent accidents.

Size Chart:





0-1 months

9-13 lbs. / 4-6 kg




1-3 months

11-17 lbs. / 5-8 kg


3-6 months

15-22 lbs. / 7-10 kg




6-15 months



20-26 lbs. / 9-12 kg



Extra Large

15-24 months



24-31 lbs. / 11-14 kg

Super Large

2-3 years

28-35 lbs. / 13-16 kg


3-4 years

35-44 lbs. / 16-20 kg

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