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Taylor's Witch Hazel Distillate

Taylor's Witch Hazel Distillate
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Our witch hazel is not only FREE & CLEAR of scents, but is also FREE of alchohol, making it a highly desirable, RAW Witch Hazel that has extended uses far beyond witch hazels that contain fragrance & alcohol. Witch Hazel is a Natural astringent; giving it the ability to remove excessoil from skin ad shrinkdown pores. It helps to fade bruises & blemishes. It helpst to brighten around the eyes, helping those unwanted dark eye circles to go away! Helps to treat varicose veins, reducing the associated pain & swelling. Aids in Hemorrhoid pain & discomfort. Helps to stop bleeding with cuts ad scrapes. Perfect for aftershave / wax. Great for oral care! Helps to reduce pain & swelling associated with damaged or infected or swollen gums.




Pure & Natural

Alcohol FREE

Fragrance FREE

Properties & Benefits: Tones, Cools, Soothes, Relieves

Use on: Skin, specifically: Acne, Hemorrhoids, itchy skin, bug bites, scrapes, cuts, aftershave, facial toner

Stored in: Glass

Available in: 8oz

Purity Tested /Quality Assured

Pure, Natural, Free & Clear Witch hazel has a use list that seems endless, here are a few of our faves: * Acne * Hemorrhoids * Itchy Skin * Bug Bites * Scrapes/Cuts * Aftershave / After Wax * Facial Toner * Gum Care * Diaper Rash * Swimmer's Ear * Varicose Veins

Directions: Apply to desired area with a cotton round or other applicator; Or add to a spray bottle. Use by itself or mix with other ingredients.

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