Amber Monkey

The Amber Monkey | Polished Baroque Lemon ~ 12"

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Baltic amber beads come from a resin from the baltic region of the world, the most popular areas are Lithuania and Poland. Amber is known all over the world to aid in pain relief.

We recommend wearing the baltic amber closest to the painful area for the best relief. Baltic amber contains 3-8% of succinic acid which is the precursor to acetylsalicylic acid, otherwise known as one of the active ingrediants in asprin. Which explains why so many people boast of wearing baltic amber for relief from migraines, teething, tooth aches, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and sports injuries.

Baltic amber comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Colors range from golden tones and opaque cream colors, to olive green, deep cherry and several shades of browns. Colors do not matter when it comes to the effectiveness of amber, it's purely a person preference.

Beads come in a large variety of sizes as well from small beads to large beads. Shapes available are slender chips, baroque (rounded beads), and flatter olive shaped beads

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