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Kids in Control

A carefully connected screen-free speaker.
Made for children, controlled with physical cards and playing only the audio content you want them to listen to.


No camera. No microphone. No Ads

Yoto Player is suitable for use by anyone aged 3 and over. However our content library contains cards suitable for children from birth to 10 years old.

Yoto Player has gone through rigorous 'lifetime testing' whereby we put the player through extreme use replicating real world scenarios. Imagine a machine that presses the buttons thousands of times, or a platform that vibrates continuously for hours on end. To add to that we put the Player through drop testing to ensure no small parts break off. You may see some minor scuffs and scratches if it gets thrown around and dropped, but functionally shouldn't be affected.


What's Included:

Yoto Player

- Magnetic Yoto Charging Dock (5.4 foot (1.65 m) cable length

- Welcome Card: This walks you through the Player setup

   and is also a Make Your Own Card

- Setup Guide


You'll need WiFi to setup your new Yoto Player. When you insert a Yoto Card into Yoto Player, it downloads the content from our server. Once it has downloaded the content, it can be used without being connected on future occasions*. The player has up to 140 hours/ 8Gb of audio storage. 


*Note that you can disconnect Yoto Player from the Wifi via the app.