Yoto Single Card ~ Musical Dots

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Yoto Says: Join the Dots as they take you on a musical journey filled with bouncing beats, important lessons, and team spirit.

The Dots live and play here together. 'The Dots' are individually talented but achieve the best results when they play together. They show children how to celebrate and learn from each other's differences.

Track Listing:
1. Hello
2. Superfood
3. Here We Go!
4. Health and Safety
5. Scooter Crew
6. Sharing Song
7. Funky Bunnies
8. Clear Up Conga
9. Scrub
10. Slumbertown

  • Artist: Musical Dots
  • Performed by: Musical Dots
  • Running time: 28 mins
  • Content type: Music
  • Age Range: 0-5, 5-8
  • Language: English