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New Tonies Releases

Abbie @ MMB

Four new Tonies are joining us January 19th! Sign up for text alerts for when they drop!

Tonies Carmen San DiegoCarmen Sandiego

Run Time: 65 minutes

Age: 5-8 Yrs

MSRP: $17.99

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Carmen is trotting across the globe on mysterious missions as the world’s greatest thief - using her skills for good. Join Carmen and her hacker helper, Player, as they adventure to Ecuador, Indonesia, and India in this action-packed adventure to stop the criminal organization VILE and save the day!


Care Bears: Cheer Bear Tonies Care Bear Sharebear

Run Time: Approx. 64 minutes

Age: 3-5 Yrs

MSRP: $17.99

Join Cheer Bear and the Care Bears as they explore new areas of the Silver Lining. Cheer's knowlege and leadership skills are put to the test. Does she have what it takes to lead the team and pilot the Cloudseeker? Listen to find out!


Tonies Sunshine BearCare Bears: Funshine Bear

Run Time: 61 minutes

Age: 3-5 Yrs

MSRP: $17.99

Get ready to laugh out loud with Funshine Bear, co-pilot of the Cloudseeker. Through humor, songs and learning new skills, Funshine rises to the occasion and becomes a hero saving his fellow Care Bears when they are affected by magical forces beyond their control.


Potty TrainingTonie Potty Training

Run Time: 45 minutes

Age: 3-5 Yrs

MSRP: $19.99

Follow along on this exciting adventure all about making potty training fun and educational for kids! Along the way, listeners will hear cool facts, catchy songs and a story about two kids named Jamie and Juniper who learn how to go potty. Get ready to groove to The Underpants Dance and take an unforgettable journey with The Thrilling Extra Special Fantastic Roller Coaster Ride Slide of Digestion.

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