MMB Naturally! Parties

Interested in learning more about natural parenting, baby wearing, cloth diapers or breastfeeding from the convenience of your own home? Sign up to host a MMB Naturally! Party and invite all your friends over (this is a great time to invite daddies too!)! We can create a party that caters to your interests. One of our most popular parties is a MMB Naturally!Baby Shower - what better way to get daddy and your relatives on board than a cloth diaper 101 class!

How it works? First, we work together to select a theme for your party! Then we set a day/evening and time that works for you. Plan for your party to last about an hour. Then invite your friends! Parties range from about 5 - 10 guests. On the day/evening of the party, a MMB Naturally! representative will come to your home with lots of fun products to discuss, touch and feel. If you have a larger group, we can also host the party in our store. Ordering is easy and shipping is fast and FREE to each guest individually! In most cases they will have their items within 1-2 business days.

What are the Perks? As the host, you earn points based on your level of sales and if others book and host additional parties from your party. You can redeem these points for free items!

Your guests also have the opportunity to earn some free products too! During the party, we will play some games and winners can earn free stuff!

Do me and my guests get a discount? Each month we will have a featured product on sale. Additionally, depending on the month, we may be running other sales or specials that you or your guests can take advantage of.

How do I sign up? Just email us for more information!