Mom's Milk Boutique is located in North Western Florida. We are just a 45 minute drive from Gainsville. 

Mom's Milk Boutique was born at the end of July in 2007, in West Frankfort, Illinois, by us sisters - Abbie and Bonnie. We were both moms of toddlers at the time (and still are) and were very frustrated by the lack of natural parenting resource and products in the Southern Illinois area.

Abbie's Family

After opening our brick and mortar store, we decided to expand online at the end of 2007. 

We are still sister run and we are still mamas with young babies, so if you visit us, bring yours in too! We have a nice comfy area to sit and nurse.

Cloth diapering for us came about as a way to save money. Like many people, we thought cloth diapering meant pins and plastic pants. However, when we ran across the colorful and very hip FuzziBunz, we were hooked. We loved that they could be paired with cute leggings (like Babylegs) for a great look for a boy or girl. Additionally, the diapers were adjustable, so they fit for a long time. We first started diapering our 4 month olds with medium FuzziBunz that fit them through potty training!! Since then we have tried a ton of diapers and fallen in love with several. If you have questions about any of them...just email and ask!

Bonnie FamilyAfter cloth diapering, we did further research and found out about the benefits of baby-wearing - babies cry about 51% less and it's good for their emotional, mental and physical development! We think it's awesome that celebrities like Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields, Keri Russell, Denise Richards, Sheryl Crow and Gavin Rossdale & Gwen Stefani are helping to make baby-wearing more mainstream. We couldn't find nursing bras that fit and didn't fall apart! We also wanted a clean rinsing laundry soap for the diapers and for everyday clothes and safe toys and the list went on....

So, we thought...why not here?!! And Mom's Milk Boutique was born. 

Please email any comments, suggestions or questions to We are here to help.

Abbie & Bonnie & all the mamas at MMB