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Cloth Diapers | Cloth Diaper Covers | Cloth Diapering Accessories

Cloth diapers are affordable, easy and natural! 

Whether this is your first child or your last, let Mom's Milk Boutique help you make cloth diapers a part of your baby's life. Just like there are many disposable brands, in the world of cloth diapers we like options! Every baby has a unique shape. Let us help you find the perfect cloth diapers for your baby. We are happy to create a custom package of cloth diapers just for you ~ just give us a call!

We offer the most trusted brands in cloth diapers and accessories like bumGeniusGro-ViaApplecheeks, BabyKicks, Blueberry Cloth Diapers, BottomBumpers, Best Bottom DiapersFLIP DiapersSustainablebabyish | Sloomb.

The cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories we offer are brands we have used and loved on our own babies! If we don't love it, we don't sell it.


How many "cloth diapers" do I need?

With cloth diapers, you will be changing your baby a bit more frequently than you might with disposable diapers. All you really need to get started is enough cloth diapers to diaper for about 2 days. Why 2 days? This is the most recommended frequency of when to wash your cloth diapers and accessories like wipes and pail liners. Washing less frequently can lead to a variety of issues, including stink. 

The following is a guide of how many diaper changes per day a baby will need at a given age. This number will vary based on individual babies. If you will be doing laundry every other day, you will need to double the number below that corresponds to your baby's age to determine how many total cloth diapers to have on hand.

  • Newborn (1-3 weeks old) : 10 - 12 diaper changes per day.
  • Infants (up to around 12 months) : 8 - 10 diaper changes per day.
  • Toddlers : 6 - 8 diaper changes per day