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Add a little fun to your mani or pedi.

Our Base Coat waterslide nail art decals are easy to use and can be applied on your own in minutes while achieving salon quality results. Made from an ultra-thin vinyl, our nail decals seamlessly fit on your nails and are sealed using a clear polish. The result will look as though the image is part of your nails and done by our professional Base Coat nail artist. 

Base Coat Nail Art Decals Set of 3: Sacred G, Astro Signs, Alphabet

Each set includes a short set of instructions so anyone can use them.


  • Small Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Small bowl for WARM water
  • Rubber tip cuticle pusher/nail decal applicator (included) 


STEP 1: Grab your decals, tweezers, clear nail polish and a small dish of WARM water. *Cold water will not work. 

STEP 2: Paint your nails whatever color you wish. Light colors work best. Apply as many layers as you desire. Let dry completely. 

*For gel, cure the color coat as normal. (Do not wipe nail with alcohol before applying decal) 

STEP 3: Cut out as close as you can to the image and set it aside. 

STEP 4: Apply a layer of base coat clear polish to your nail; this will act as the adhesive for your decal.

STEP 5: Place the decal into water with tweezers (so you don't ruin any freshly painted nails) for 10-15 seconds, take out of water and gently slide the decal off the paper backing. If it doesn't budge, place back in water for a few seconds and try again. Make sure to get all excess water off decal before placing it on the nail. 

STEP 6: Use your rubber tip cuticle pusher to press the nail decal down all the way making sure that it is smooth against your nail with no air bubbles or excess water (do not use your finger to do this). 

STEP 7: Apply another layer of clear polish covering your whole nail and allow to dry completely. Repeat with the second layer of top coat to really seal in the design. 

STEP 8: Once your nails are dry, your manicure is complete. Now go on and enjoy your fabulous nails!