LEGO Super Mario Creativity Toolbox

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Colorful builds to add to LEGO Super Mario levels – Give children the Creativity Toolbox Maker Set (71418) to add detail and depth to their LEGO Super Mario Starter.

Course and Expansion Sets3 LEGO Super Mario figures – The set includes Wendy, a Blue Yoshi and a Goomba Classic grass, desert and lava builds – The set includes buildable trees, flowers, hills, mushrooms, pyramids, signs and a Checkpoint Flag, plus cloud and bush elements 3 fruits, a gift box and a Super Mushroom with an Action Tag .

Includes a red, yellow and green fruit for LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi or LEGO Peach (figures not included) to ‘eat’For play or display – Kids can use the bricks in this toy playset to create displays for their collectible LEGO Super Mario characters or to enhance their levels