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Like many mammals, black bear cubs rely on their mother's for protection early on in their infancy and stay with them for nearly 2 years before heading out on their own. History: Despite the size of fully matured black bears, their cubs are rarely larger than a pound at birth. Black bear cubs are typically blind for up to 4 weeks, and can begin walking at 5 weeks. Until they're about a year and a half old, cubs rely on their mothers for everything, including food, protection, transportation, and warmth.

Scientific Name: Ursus americanus

Characteristics: Expertly sculpted with life-like realism, this black bear cub toy model makes an excellent gift for a nature enthusiast or collector, an addition to a diorama, or a toy for engaging and educational play.

Size: Only 3 inches long and 1.6 inches tall, this little black bear cub toy is a touch shorter than a deck of cards on its side, and certainly has some growing to do!