Let us help you learn how to use your ERGObaby Soft Structured Carrier!
Below are some easy instructions and videos on how to use your ERGObaby soft structured baby carrier. ERGObaby Carriers allow you to carry your baby on your front, back or on your hip. Babies can be worn from birth, with an infant insert, through 45 lbs.
If you are looking for other soft structured carriers how to videos - click the following links for Beco Baby Carriers and Boba Baby Carriers how to videos.
How To Videos using a your ERGObaby Soft Structure Carrier :
Easy Front Carry with Infant Insert - ERGObaby Carrier
If your baby is less than 4 months old, ERGObaby recommends that you only carry your baby on the front facing you using an ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert. The following video demonstrates how to easily put on your ERGObaby Carrier and then put the carrier on with an infant insert.
Easy Front CarryThe front carry is a quick and easy carry to do with your baby ages 4 months through 45 lbs. This is typically the carry that most beginners start with as it is a preferred position by most babies.

Super Easy Back CarryOne of the most intimidating baby carrier positions can be the back carry. This easy back carry video will show you how to put your baby on your back effortlessly without worrying that you might drop your baby. Written instructions on how to do the carry are below the video.

Written Instructions: You will need a flat surface. You can use a couch, table, or the front seat of the car. Lay out your soft structured carrier with the inside facing up. Place your baby on top of the carrier - if they can sit they can be in a seated position, otherwise, you can lay them in the carrier. You will then need to squat down, with your back toward baby and put your arms, one at a time through the carrier straps. Reach back and secure your baby's bum with your hand and stand up. Then secure the waist strap around your waist. You can bounce a bit if you need to reposition your baby in the carrier. If using a table or other high point, be sure to maintain eye contact and secure your baby at all times.

Back CarryIf you are a more experience baby wearer, or you have a spotter. The ERGObaby video below demonstrates an back carry using your baby carrier. This back carry is recommend for babies over 4 months of age that have good head and upper body control.

Hip CarrySometimes baby can be a bit more picky and neither a front carry or a back carry will do. The hip carry is a great way to keep baby close and happy and still have at least one hand free to move about. It is recommended that your baby be over 6 months of age and have good head and upper body control to sit in this position.