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In a hectic world that sometimes seems crazy — especially when you’re expecting — a little assistance can go a long way. That’s where Belly Boost™ comes in.

This super-comfy, “Grow-With-You” undergarment provides vital support, improves weight distribution and can even help relieve back pain; and because it’s made from our proprietary WonderWeave™ fabric, it keeps lotions and creams where you want them: on your skin and off your clothes. How crazy is that?

  •  Stretches and recovers with your growing belly
  •  Includes Palmer's® Stretch Mark Lotion
  •  WonderWeave™ material helps fight stretch marks by keeping lotions on your belly, not your clothes
  •  Locks in moisture to relieve itchy pregnancy skin
  •  Built-in belly support
  •  SecureStretch™ targeted back and support
  •  Ultra-soft and breathable

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