Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow

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BellyRest - Helping Uncomfortable Pregnant Women Get More Sleep

It's no secret that getting a comfortable night's sleep when you're pregnant can be a challenge. It usually involves an intricate arrangement of several pillows of various shapes and sizes propped here and there. And while you may eventually manage to configure yourself in a way that allows you to begin sleeping comfortably, something - or someone - inevitably shifts out of position in the night and the process begins again…

The Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow is a small, adjustable maternity support pillow designed by a pregnant woman to address this very issue. The two small pillows of the Belly Rest cradle your hips and support your pregnant belly and lower back at the same time. The pillow top - the part of the Belly Rest that is in contact with your body - is made of satin, allowing you to comfortably glide to the other pillow when you roll over. Unlike other large pregnancy pillows that take up most of the bed (goodbye, spouse!), each pillow of the Belly Rest is just 8.5 X 12 inches. Perhaps most important of all, the Belly Rest is adjustable - as your belly grows over the course of your pregnancy, you can easily increase the distance between the two pillows to accommodate it.

Taking care of your Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow is easy. Made from 50% cotton/ 50% polyester satin, the Belly Rest is completely machine washable.

Here's how the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow looks in action:

Note that the cotton underside of the Belly Rest helps to keep it in place on your bed, while the satin top allows you to glide comfortably over it as you roll at night.