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Cache Coeur Maternity ~ Nursing Swimwear | Calypso

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- Perfect fit for pregnancy

- Very attractive deep neckline with excellent support that pulls over easily for breastfeeding

- Upmost attention to comfort, which is key for maternity swimwear

- Multi-use straps allowing halter, standard, or crossed positions

- Anti U.V fabric

- Made in Europe -
A one-piece that exceeds expectations in both appearance and support, Calypso, swimsuits shape the body with a silken silhouette. This swimsuit’s design features a plunging neckline and cut out back. With multi-positional straps this swimsuit can be worn in three different ways: as a halter-neck, crossed or tied standard. The beaded-spaghetti straps not only add a flavor of elegance to a traditional look, but also work to perfectly hug the sides of your changing curves.
Cache Coeur's Maternity Swimwear offers a wide range of shapes and designs for all feminine tastes both modern and traditional. For being out in the sun, splashing by the beach or relaxing poolside: providing UV protection for your child and comfort for your waist and shoulders makes Maternity Swimwear more necessity than novelty. For whatever your tastes may be, finding the right maternity swimwear is no longer a challenge. With the various colors, patterns and types of Maternity Swimwear offered by Cache Coeur, discover a divine balance of unparalleled comfort and uncompromising fashions. Imported from France, our swimwear will have you feeling as beautiful as ever when the sun is at its strongest.
Composition: 80% POLYAMIDE 20% ELASTANE

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