Haba | Little Friends Beach Chair Set

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Introducing our delightful Folding Beach Chairs, a charming addition to your little one's imaginative playtime by the shore! These miniature beach chairs feature a vibrant and stylish design that adds a touch of seaside flair to any doll's day at the beach.

The chair's frame boasts a refreshing aqua hue, reminiscent of the clear ocean waters, creating a visually appealing contrast against the warm sand. Crafted with attention to detail, the folding mechanism allows for easy storage and portability, enhancing the playtime experience.

The seating area showcases a delightful combination of yellow and gold striped fabric, reminiscent of bright, sunny days and the glimmering warmth of the sun. The stripes add a playful and stylish element to the chairs, making them not only functional but also a fashionable accessory for your doll's beachside adventures.

Perfectly scaled for doll play, these beach chairs encourage creativity and imaginative storytelling as your little one sets the scene for seaside picnics, sunbathing, or cozy gatherings by the imaginary waves. Whether your dolls are basking in the sun or enjoying a cool breeze, these folding beach chairs are the ideal companions for their summer escapades.

Enhance your child's playtime with these Folding Beach Chairs, where every fold tells a story, and every stripe brings a splash of seaside joy to their imaginative world. Let the beach days unfold in style with these adorable miniature chairs designed for endless summer fun!


Size: 3"