Love Radius / je porte mon bebe long wrap | Turquoise (Gris Clair pocket)

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You can wrap your baby from 4.5 to 30 pounds. This wrap measures 4.90m and is 0.7m - which is in between a typically size 6 and 7 wrap. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% elasthanne 5% - Oeko Tex 10. It is heavy metal-free dye and treatments, 2 years warranty (except on seams), wash on warm (max 86 degress) and lay flat or hang dry (no dryer).
1 - JPMBB wrap allows you to tie the knot before you put your baby inside.

2 - You can pop Baby in and out of the wrap without untying the knot. This makes it super simple with a newborn since you change the diapers many times a day.

3 - From the main knot, you can place baby in various positions without untying the knot: front, hip, back regarding baby's age and needs.

4 - JPMBB knitting is exclusive. JPMBB can't be compared to other "stretchy" wraps and offer comfort plus support in a unique babywearing experience.

5 - You're never alone thanks to tutorial videos, workshops, FAQ, forum, Facebook group, booklet.