Little Fox Candle Co - Grandma’s Kitchen Wax Melt Bar

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Welcome to Grandma's Kitchen with our 100% soy wax melt bar, where the comforting aroma of cinnamon, apple, and clove blend together to recreate cherished memories of family gatherings and delicious homemade treats. Crafted with the highest quality soy wax, our melt bar is eco-friendly and clean-burning. Simply place it in a wax warmer, and as the wax gently melts, the inviting scents of cinnamon, apple, and clove will fill your space, evoking the heartwarming feeling of being in grandma's kitchen. The sweet and spicy notes of cinnamon, combined with the crisp and juicy scent of apple and the warm embrace of clove, create an irresistible fragrance that will make you feel like you're wrapped in a loving hug. Embrace the nostalgia of baking days and cozy moments spent with loved ones as Grandma's Kitchen wax melt bar turns your home into a comforting sanctuary.