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Sample Choice: Happy Spritz Hand Wipe
Little Seed Farm Deodorant
Happy Spritz Hand Wipe
Bequet Caramel (Good ol' faithful is back!)
Sudssatorium Lotion - Smells Like Green Spirit
Abdallah Single Chocolate Graham - It melted a bit and discolored but I'm sure it is still delicious!
Happy Wax Coconut Creme & Pumpkin (love this one!! It isn't overwhelming and it just smells yummy)
Sudsatorium Hot & Thorny Solid Shampoo (For brittle, crunchy, help! I'm dead hair)
Foamie Shampoo Bar Kiss Me Again (again, focusing on some dry hair up in here)
Duke Cannon After-Shave Balm
Kickee Pants Scaps (perfect hair ties)
Raaka Chocolate (tired of dairy giving you the squirts....try Raaka)
Rinse Co - Hand Spray Rosemary & Mint (awesome for in the car right after using the gas pump)
Abdallah Chocolate/Toffee
Candy Club Bunny Bites (Carrot Cake,'s your dad's favorite!)
Bonnie's Surprise - you get what you get and don't throw a fit :) LOL
Doterra OnGuard Toothpaste

You'll earn Mile Miles Rewards.

This is a Mile High Club Sample. One per order, in MHC only.

Introducing ~ No more surprises! Pick the sample that fits your life. We want you to enjoy and USE your sample. Available samples are listed. For this item to be valid, you MUST add it to your cart along with your purchase. If you choose to not select your sample, we will choose one for you. ENJOY!