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The Amazon tree boa is a member of the Corallus genus found throughout South America. Like all boa species, it is non-venomous and instead kills its prey through the use of constriction. They are fairly large and sometimes grow to be over seven feet long.

Scientific Name: Genus Corallus

Characteristics: The Amazon tree boa is notorious for its aggressive demeanor and short temper. In other words, it's probably best that you study our hand-painted and life-like figurine instead of the real thing!

Size and Color: In the wild, Amazon tree boas can have a wide variety of color patterns, most of which include some combination of tan, brown, grey, black, yellow, red, or orange.

This model measures 56 inches long and 2 inches tall, making it a touch shorter than one and a half yardsticks and about as tall as a stick of lip balm.

The Amazon Tree Boa is part of the Incredible Creatures collection.

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